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Craving for something to fill you up ? Well, you couldn’t picked a better place! Michelin Guide Thailand has gone crazy for our little neighborhood and selected some incredible gems that we have known for years! Follow us 😋

1. Baan Phadthai

From the street to this cozy blue house, our favorite street food dish is made with up 20 ingredients for an unbelievable finish!

2. Charoen Saeng Silom

Since 1959, this is the place where you can enjoy the meltingly soft, caramelized pork with their homemade spicy sauce and pickles

3. Sanyod (Sathon-Bang Rak)

For more than 50 years, Sanyod has served tasty Thai-Cantonese noodles to hungry locals. Their roasted duck us marinated with a secret sauce passed on from generations to generations!

4. Baan Somtum (Sathon)

You can get all kind of Somtum made with anything you can imagine here! Their bold and generous hands on spices and chillies make it feel the true taste of the North-east

5. Blue Elephant

Royal-style recipes in a traditional colonial-style home on Sathorn road.

6. Yentafo Convent

Affordable noodle stall in a crowded Silom alley. This stall has been serving pink noodle soup, made with tomatoes and sweet potatoes, for more than 40 years.