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邻近区域 : 创意区及街头美食天堂



Walking Tour

Slip on you walking shoes and take an X-traordinary stroll through Bangrak and Chareon Krung Road’s fascinating haunts and old-timey curiosities.

Shrine of Reuang – for over 100 years, folks in the Chareon Krung community have been praying and leaving offerings to the local guardian angel

Panlee Bakery Shop – the fourth-generation bakery’s been peddling freshly-baked buns and sweets since 1955. Located in a typical shop house, the bakery is has been updated as a quaint neighbourhood café with a vintage vibe

Jok Prince – the iconic Bangrak food stand has been dishing joke, or rice porridge and pork meatball soup, for over 30 years

Bangrak Fresh Market – see how locals shop for daily provisions at the neighbourhood fresh market. Check out the fresh coconut milk stand and live fish vendors and stock up on quality Thai spices

SOR Boon Prakob – the 80-year old shop is hands down the best spot to get your fill of Khao Niew Ma-muang, sticky rice and mango, and Khai Nok Krasa, steamed sago with mung bean filling

Baan Padthai – Michelin Guide’s inspectors gave this spot a thumb’s up for their quality organic ingredients, although wee knew all along the padthai here is to die for!

Tia Ha Kee – a typical chicken butcher shop, one of only two remaining in Bangrak

Hua Tuo Bitter Drink – get yourself sorted out at this quintessential Chinese herbalist and drink shop. They’ve been dispensing herbal tonics and dry herbs since 1931

Bodhi Tree & Bangrak Chinese Shrine – local community members planted the spiritual Bodhi tree over 80 years ago. It is one of the three major shrines in the Bangrak community

Make a Thai Garland – the kind uncle who sells flower garlands outside the King Rama V-era building will give you a quick how-to lesson

Jungle Food – choose your favourite jungle meat, and the chef’s will cook it to order. Choose from wild deer, boar and other jungle meats!

Bangrak Bazaar – sample authentic Thai snack food and stock up on fast fashion at this pop up market outside Robinson Department store. Teens will love the inexpensive skinny jeans, midriff tops and skirts.

Wat Suan Phlu – built in 1887, this Chinese-Thai temple boasts an architectural mix-n-match style featuring a classic Rattanakosin-era ‘bot’ or prayer hall and a monastery that looks like a Gingerbread house!

Porn Duck Noodles and Steamed Pork Legs – the classic Chinese-Thai soup will stick to your ribs all days long with its flavour rich ingredients and robust portions